Collect Cryptonimals

Collect and Donate on-chain
Join the community
and help saving Wildlife!

We help them

The living world is a unique and spectacular marvel. Unfortunately, the way we live on it is leading to a decline in thousands of species.

More than one in three species is now threatened with extinction, and it had not always been easy to find a solution to help these endangered species.

With Cryptonimals, we want to create a new way to donate. Collect Cryptonimals and directly help endangered species. Selling your Cryptonimals on the secondary market will also allow you to donate through royalties.
Vote and learn through our community.

The first species

More coming soon, so stay tuned!

Find the hidden child

You can collect males and females, but only both of them will unlock the third and last piece of the family:
the hidden child

Mint a child

Where does the money go?

50% of all first transactions will go transparently to the dedicated NGO, then, 5% forever on each secondary sale.


For the first transaction
directly to NGOs


For NGOs as royalties
on each secondary sales

ice cube

For all child owners
as passive income

Our Roadmap

✅ Cryptonimals launch #1 (SOLD OUT)
100 cryptonimals available to buy through Opensea :
50 Males + 50 Females!

✅ The Hidden Child
From this 1st collection,
50 cryptonimals child available to mint!

✅ Cryptonimals launch #2

26/12 : START Whitelist contest
: END Whitelist contest
11/01 : Public MINT (90NFTs) - SOLD OUT

Q2/Q3 2022 : Cryptonimals launch #3/4/5/6
TBA : 400 NFTs to be minted

Cryptonimals DAO
Create a DAO to define next NGOs and contents

Q1/Q2 2022 : The Sandbox Metaverse
Integrate Cryptonimals with The Sandbox!

The team

Solid Max

Thomas Germond

Baptiste Sagasaga